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They have a big house. -Who has a big house?
She teaches us Biology. -Who does teache you Biology?
My friend and l like English? -Who likes English?
A milk man brings milk every morning.-Who does bring milk every morning?
My parents and l visit our grand parents.Who do you and your parents visit every Sunday?
Kadir shares his room with his sister.Who does share his room with Kadir?
Mary's mother wants to talk to my friend and me.Who does want to talk to us? My friend and me=us
Aslı lives with her parents.Who does Aslı live with?
Ali's father has a grey car.Whose father has a grey car?
Mrs kocakaplan's students like English.Whose students like English.
l have breakfast with my parents.Whose parents do you have breakfast with ?
l share my room with Onur's sister at the boarding school.Whose sister do you share your room with at the boardind school?
Büşra helps Sedanur's brother with his homework.Whose brother does Büşra help with his homework?
The fat man has an umbrella.Which man has an umbrella?
The beautifull girl visits them once a week.Which girl does visit them once a week?
My brother plays basketball with the tall boys?Which boys does your brother play basketball with?
The man wearing a black suit goes to his office in a taxi.Which man does go to his office in a taxi?
l go to the cinema on Sunday.Where do you go on Sunday?
My friends and l learn English at school.Where do you and your friend learn English?
Miraç has her breakfast at home.Where does Miraç have breakfast?
My daughter has a cup of tea at cafe after school.Where does your daughter have a cup of tea?
The workers plant trees in the garden.What do the workers plant ?
l drink a glass of milk for breakfast.what do you drink for brekfast?

l like listening to pop music.What kind of music do you like?
l like to watch documentary films.What kind of films do you like to watch?
Our school starts at8:00.What time does your school start?
We have dinner at 7.00.What time do you have dinner?
Ali has lunch at 12.00.What time does Ali have lunch?
My sister goes to the bed at 7.00.What time does your sister go the bed?
l go to the school on weekdays.When do you go to school?
We go on holiday in summer.When do you go on holiday?
lt snows in winter.When does it snow?
Children go to the park after lunch.When do the children go to the park?

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